How to Build Successful Campaigns: A Quick Review From A to Z

Behavior– Next, evaluate the behavior of those customers, where did you acquire them? What platforms are they most active on, what do they engage most with?

Creative– What aspects of your product are these consumers most engaged with? What type of creative did they convert with? How can you create something eye-catching or be creative in your approach to attract more customers like these?

Data– Ensure you are using historical data to guide the aims of your future campaigns, it’s also vital to have goals you can track to measure the success of your activity too.

Evaluation– It’s vital to evaluate your campaign regularly. Typically pausing campaigns to evaluate activity can mean you’re halting successful activity or allowing unsuccessful campaigns to run too long. One of the many benefits of Intelitics is we allow you to see all data in real-time with actionable insights which aids rapid and accurate decision making.

Funnels – are your acquisition funnels dialed in for conversion? Are you using your data properly to make changes and continuously improve these? Getting customers to your site is one part of the game, but what you do with them when they are there is even more important!

Goals– If you don’t start with a clear objective for your activity, it’s hard to know where to focus. What are your CPA and LTV targets? What are your conversion rate targets? There are many more granular goals you can add. The point here is to be prepared and know what you are trying to achieve.

Health– this applies when evaluating your audience, some customer types will display a greater LTV, knowing the characteristics or health of those subsets, will allow you to navigate to find more of these and build greater value.

Insights– Knowing what insights you need is the first step necessary to create strong campaign goals but easy access to those insights is equally valuable. If you’re working across several systems and having to employ numerous BI tools to access those insights you may be losing valuable planning time. A core benefit of our software is the ability to track and measure numerous cohorted data points at once, and make guided decisions on these

Judgment– Once you are familiar with your data and have clear goals, you can swiftly ascertain what campaigns are adding the most value, and make quick efficient decisions on scale

Knowledge– Data and insights are there to inform you what’s working and what’s not, use these tools to empower decision making, and allow yourself to take greater and more calculated risks in your campaigns.

LTV– Understanding what brings LTV to your product, gives you a clear focus, if your product is well suited to a certain customer, use data and insights to learn as much as you can about them and use this to build future campaigns to find more customers like them.

Mobile vs Desktop– It’s fact most people have their phone in their hand most of the time, therefore the value of mobile is only increasing. If this is an area for growth, look at how you’ve successfully acquired customers via this channel and what you can observe about their behavior to inform future campaigns.

New Ideas– there’s always the tendency to fall back on tried and tested tactics, but when you can see data points in real-time it makes it easier to test new tactics and experiment with creative ways to acquire new users.

Oversight– Most user acquisition activities are tracked using several platforms and then analyzed using BI tools. This means there are several steps before you get to meaningful data points that allow you to make decisions. Intelitics allows you to see all insights in one place, expediting your ability to see a clear picture of your performance.

Promotions: Are you running competitive promotions? Do you know how to get the most out of your customers? Is your sign up offer enticing enough compared to the competition? Running smart effective promotions is one way to differentiate your brand in a cluttered marketplace.

Quality – How quickly you can judge if traffic is good quality might be the single most important part of running a successful campaign.

Risk– It’s known in iGaming that risk is an integral part of marketing, what Intelitics aims to do is to share your insights with you in real-time, to allow you to accurately analyze, performance and then act decisively to amplify successful campaigns. Our built in BI tools allow you to take calculated risks and gain quick insights into whether or not they are working. In effect mitigating risk in campaign planning and execution.

SEO– Previously SEO was the key driver for customer acquisition within iGaming, but as the marketplace for that becomes more cluttered and competitive, user acquisition is diversifying. There are several reasons for this, greater opportunity within paid ads, more visible insights on performance, and the ability to be more agile too.

Testing– ALWAYS be testing! We mentioned risk is integral to iGaming marketing, which means testing is vital. Any campaign needs to be given the chance to work and swiftly dialed down if it’s not achieving the desired results.

Unique – what makes your brand stand out? What are you doing that other brands aren’t? At the end of the day, most online gaming brands are pushing similar products, so being able to provide unique selling points to your customer is key to success.

Value: You need to be focusing 80% of your time on the areas of your strategy that bring the most value, whether that be specific channels, partners, audiences, etc.

Worth– Once you have a few successful campaigns at work, a further level of analysis will allow you to determine their worth and see which are more valuable long term. For example, are they mining a small pool of niche customers that will exhaust eventually or is it a newer broader market with more potential?

Cross-functional collaboration– it’s common within iGaming to have separate teams working across user acquisition and affiliates though both are focused on growth. Enabling easier ways to view and share data between teams will also help amplify campaign success. Intelitics allows for teams to create dashboards that best serve their aims and then share that data easily.

Yield– If you’re following these steps and being smart with your planning and execution, you’ll already be seeing an increase in your yield. What’s more, you’ll have gained more valuable insights into which activities help you acquire new customers and how valuable those are too.

Zenith– We believe the tools we have created, streamline data management, and insights to uniquely empower iGaming marketers. Give us a call today to see how Intelitics can help you manage and increase your user acquisition.

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