Real-time Data, Insight, and Reporting Now Available To Colorado Operators (iGB) highlights Intelitics' successful licensing by the Colorado Division of Gaming to work with online sportsbook operators state-wide.

Intelitics, which is actively acquiring more licensing throughout the U.S., already holds licensing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and provides services to several European operators and networks. 

Single Platform

The true power of the Intelitics platform is how it helps operators access real-time data to unlock hidden opportunities and run far more successful campaigns. This is achieved by pulling data points together and running analysis in a single hub. The platform coordinates media buyers, analysts, and executives and allows operators to pivot quickly along with the fast-paced nature of gaming and betting users.

The Intelitics platform gives operators:

  • Real-time centralized data  
  • Cohesive team collaboration in a unified platform
  • Automated processes and notifications

Powerful Reporting

The iGaming feature also delves into Intelitics' reporting, noting that the streamlined reports give operators visibility across channels and the customer journey like never before. The insight gives operators a holistic view of "costs vs. player", enabling more informed investment decisions. 

Intelitics CEO Allan Stone is quoted saying their goal is to give operators a way to "ensure they are acquiring players at the right cost and through channels that deliver true value". 

Intelitics, which runs premier iGaming ad network CasinoAffiliatePrograms, provides cutting-edge technology that gives real-time insights and reporting so operators can move fast and successfully target users. 

As legal online sports betting continues to mature throughout the U.S. market, Intelitics will be supporting operators with agile, data-driven insights.

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