Big Data In iGaming To Scale User Acquisition Intelligently

Intelitics CEO Allan Stone was featured on's Q&A recently to highlight how the Intelitics platform allows iGaming companies to scale user acquisition intelligently. Allan shares how Intelitics is growing in the U.S. market, providing operators robust data and powerful player acquisition tactics.

Intelitics has a strong reputation in the iGaming space, owning and operating since 1999, a company recognized as one of the largest iGaming ad networks in the industry. 

In the article, Allan addresses how Intelitics is exceptionally suited to provide results for their clients, saying, "we understand traffic, how to scale and optimize, and first and foremost, act as a trusted advisor to our clients". Allan makes it very clear that customers do not just access an intelligent platform but also gain a partner to help operators achieve their specific goals.

Intelitics' mission is to pull acquisition data on affiliates, paid media, and other crucial metrics into one platform. They believe operators should have a single platform that readily provides reports with actionable insights to enable operators to respond to user behaviors quickly. The Intelitics platform saves businesses from reaching out to tech, analysts, and partners to ascertain where to pivot and invest as competition and users move fast. 

Allan also talks about the licensing they hold in Colorado (a recent acquisition from the Colorado Division of Gaming), New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He notes that Intelitics already provides services to several European operators and networks.  

The article overall looks at: 

  • How the U.S. market is growing, with a wealth of untapped potential, particularly with paid media channels
  • The gambling re-regulation underway in countries like Russia and the UK
  • How Intelitics empowers operators to acquire, optimize, and scale all traffic types despite heavy competition and government restrictions
  • Where Intelitics plans to focus growth in the market and geographically

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