Operators Need To Leverage Data To Drive Growth

As online gambling operators drown in data, they struggle to make sense of and use it effectively. Intelitics' Allan Petrilli explains to G3 Newswire how even making a few small changes gives you the power to leverage data and grow.

G3 Newswire featured Allan, Intelitics' VP of Sales and Growth, in their recent Pulse segment discussing the need for operators to change their way of thinking about the data they comb through every day. Allan describes how operators waste a lot of time on fruitless efforts, and by making even a few minor changes, they can become much more successful.

In the article entitled Intelitics: Operators Must Change Their Approach to Data, Allan discusses:

  • The types of data most operators contend with (Traffic type, Targeting, Player, Promotions, Creative, and Time data)
  • How all the data leads to information overload
  • Why operators need to change their approach
  • The benefits of running more effective campaigns by using technology

Decrease in Campaign Performance

One of the critical points Alan raises in the article is that two key issues prevent operators from running campaigns at peak performance: 1) Data overload 2) Paid channels generate most of the traffic.

Operators and their marketing teams contend with many more data points than ever before, which is incredible information to have; however, it takes time (or good technology) to make sense of the data and implement it into successful campaigns.

Compounding the problem is that most traffic these days is pushed through paid channels, such as social, Google, ad networks, etc.) and teams need to test, analyze, and target this traffic in real-time to be successful. Operators and teams no longer have the luxury of taking time to analyze the data to create and implement strategies. By the time they do, that traffic is gone!

A Change of Approach

Allan maintains that the sheer volume of data operators have access to now is not a bad thing—only they need the proper technology and methodology to make the data quickly useful. And he cautions operators from being afraid of investing in the right technology, as streamlining the ongoing costs of making data useful will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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