EBOOK Level Up Player Acquisition Campaigns With Performance Marketing

NEW EBOOK: The days of focusing on SEO tactics and grey/black hat paid media solutions for player acquisition in iGaming are gone! For a long time, it was possible to succeed while doing little more than throwing up ads and basic tracking infrastructure, but consolidation and increased competition are rapidly driving the industry away from that model. To run successful player acquisition campaigns in 2021, iGaming companies must rely on new strategies and more advanced tracking technology to properly track their efforts.

Our new player acquisition ebook, Conquering iGaming Player Acquisition: The Keys to Lucrative Performance Marketing in 2021, will introduce you to potentially lucrative performance marketing strategies that could significantly grow your iGaming business. 

As industry leaders who have built one of the largest affiliate ad networks in iGaming (CasinoAffiliatePrograms), we can glean crucial insights into how the industry has changed using the data we have collected. In this ebook, we share key learnings and tell you what you need to know to leverage performance marketing for player acquisition successfully! 


The Limits of Basic Tracking

Many brands and iGaming companies – even large ones with billions in annual revenue – still rely on tracking systems that consist of little more than a tracking link generator and a reporting spreadsheet. The opportunities that become available with more advanced technology and tools are incredible!

Immediate steps we take for customers in the above scenario are:

  • Start the customer on modern digital marketing tools and software
  • Set up pixel tracking to understand what works (and what doesn't) better 
  • Implement dynamic variable tracking, which far exceeds the capabilities of basic tracking links

The above are standard, proven, and effective attribution methods not being used by many in our industry. 


Get a Competitive Advantage

There remains a significant knowledge gap in the iGaming industry about the ability of technology to improve player acquisition. Additionally, traditional industry platforms are data-heavy and do not provide informative data analysis.

Instead, operators should adopt more advanced analytics platforms that do not require data manipulation to find actionable insights. Rather, they should use a platform that makes it easy to track and dive into active performance marketing campaigns.  

Those in the industry who add the right performance marketing tech to their toolkit today will have a significant competitive advantage while the rest lag behind. 


Changes Driving Need for Better Analytics

One reason why traditional platforms don't support marketing tech advancements, particularly in the U.S., is because before U.S. licensing was introduced that allowed real money in online gaming and betting, brands relied on email and direct mailing. These are slow channels with slow conversions that do not need to operate in real-time.

When you deploy $10,000 a day in budget on Facebook to attract new players, you need to know the effectiveness of that spend in real-time so you can adjust quickly. Now advanced platforms and methods are required.

Brands also need to rethink their tech and attribution methods because with increased regulation, there are higher taxes, an increased margin, and in some cases, new taxes where you may not have been paying any before. Regulation squeezes profits, so you need smarter ways to make more money.


Pressure From Outside the Vertical

Marketers and other verticals are moving more online, putting pressure on big brands. Whereas before, cashed-up gaming brands could just outspend everyone. Now, other marketers are starting to extract similar values in this industry. Those marketers are becoming much more savvy and can more easily compete with the bigger players.  


Access the Performance Marketing Ebook

To help you navigate industry changes and learn from our experience in serving iGaming brands, download our new ebook.

In our ebook, you will learn:

  • How your performance marketing program needs to adapt
  • How and when to scale 
  • What the best in class publishing strategies are
  • How to take your earnings to the next level
  • And much more!

Start accessing the tools to run more successful acquisition campaigns. Download the ebook to learn more!

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