Is Your Tracking Platform Set Up for Success?

In order to determine how effective your activity is, your tracking platform must be set up properly to give you the best possible insights to aid tactical decision making.

The first things to ask yourself when setting this up are as follows:

  1. Does your platform offer the option to see data in real-time?
  2. Can you review traffic sources not only at a source level but also at a granular placement level?
  3. How quickly can you analyze the performance of your campaigns? Are there several steps involved in this? Can you make decisions in the platform, or do you need to manipulate the data in excel or 3rd party BI platforms?
  4. Is it easy for different teams to view and understand the data?

User acquisition is driven by finding the right partners, to drive you the right customers and targeting them with the right messaging or creative to convince them to deposit money on your platform. This requires reaching them through multiple channels, and your tracking platform needs to have the ability to be effective across each of these. If your tracking software is set up efficiently, it will allow you to do several things to optimize this activity:

  1. See what type of campaign works for your product- knowing what’s been previously successful can help you run future campaigns based on these learnings.
  2. See what offers are attracting the most traffic and then optimizing those campaigns for conversion.
  3. Seeing what type of affiliates are generating leads and then allowing you to find more similar affiliates in order to scale.

Once you have a clear view of performance overall, there are two things you can focus on, increasing performance and then testing new ideas to see where you can find the most benefit. It’s here that a well-defined tracking platform will start to pay dividends.

  1. It allows you to see the performance and then cut or scale depending on the level of success being achieved.
  2. It allows you to take risks and test new tactics, which you can then shut down quickly if they do not offer the opportunities you had hoped for.
  3. It allows you to compare activity and take learnings across to other departments. For example, if you are seeing some wildly successful affiliate activity, you can assess if that messaging and those tactics can be successful on other paid channels too.

Visibility is also vital in digital marketing, the easier it is to see the performance of your channels and data in real-time the faster you can detect any activity that might suggest fraud and stop you wasting any valuable marketing spend.

Ultimately you want to make sure that your tracking platforms serve you the most valuable insights as fast as possible and in a format that is easy to digest. Many marketers in iGaming are stuck in an old model using several tools to execute their campaign marketing, which can create many inefficiencies. Intelitics was created to serve the needs we saw in the market and to help create campaigns that allow for marketers to explore new opportunities whilst mitigating fraud and risk within the market.

Give our team a call today and schedule a demo to see how a more efficient tool can enhance your marketing efforts.

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