How Evaluating Your iGaming Traffic Will Help You Win in 2021

It’s common to think that if you have comprehensive data tracking and BI tools in place that you’re doing all you can to evaluate your traffic effectively, but our long history in the iGaming sector has taught us that this is not necessarily the case.

It’s great to have the insights at hand, but what’s vital is proper evaluation of this information and action on these insights to fuel your strategy and guarantee success and growth.

What is considered roper evaluation?

Put simply, it’s the ability to see your data clearly and in real-time in a way that allows you to make agile decisions.

We’ve detailed some of the typical pitfalls many people fall into to allow you to see where you can make adjustments to increase your ROI.

Most of the inefficiencies in evaluation occur for the following reasons:

  • Not having a defined KPI driven strategy for running campaigns. You and your traffic source need to be aligned, at a granular level, on what is considered to be a successful campaign
  • Campaigns take too long to evaluate, this means marketers are waiting for players to fully mature to decide if the traffic is valuable, and pausing campaigns while they evaluate. This means a stop-start approach that can lose ground with campaigns that are delivering.
  • Sometimes this can lead to evaluating and making decisions too quickly based on a small number of players, meaning when you scale campaigns don’t perform as expected.
  • Not optimizing campaigns on granular placement level data – and scaling or pausing campaigns as a whole.

These can all be overcome with better data management.

What does better data management look like?

The effectiveness of your activity is dependent on four things:

  1. How well you know your customer and what goals you set for your campaign and how quickly you can see the performance of your activity.
  2. How easily you can access insights from this data- typically using a third-party BI tool can be a stumbling block in this process.
    Making the right decision based on the data you collect
  3. How does Intelitics support better data management?

Our software is designed to streamline data management. We allow you to build custom dashboards that display your essential metrics across multiple channels. This means you can see what’s working in real-time. No more pausing campaigns and losing momentum, we give you tools to accurately make decisions you can be confident of.

What do we recommend?

As experts in the field, we’ve considered what the expected changes in the landscape will be and how proper evaluation will help marketers stay on top of these. We know that player behavior is key to establishing their value overall and make it easy for you to identify that.

knowing what a quality player behavior looks like in the first 24-72 hours will help you forecast LTV and therefore make decisions quicker. If you can identify successful patterns in this way, it gives you valuable insights to predict which campaigns will be more successful and allows for a more calculated approach to UA.

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