How To Help Your Affiliate Managers Achieve More

The iGaming publishing world is recording astronomical growth, making it much easier to capitalize on the success of the online gambling market than ever before. The market's worth hit $66.7 billion in 2020, and estimates put its growth by 2027 at $127 billion

There's just one little problem plaguing the industry—many of your most talented affiliate managers are stuck doing endless administrative busy work instead of focusing on scaling successful campaigns.

So how can you get more value from your affiliates? You need to invest in the human capital driving the success of your organization and develop an authentic culture of continuous improvement. 

Placing the right people in front of the leading technologies is the perfect game plan for success. It's time to stop working with publishing teams that don't have the skills you need to boost profitability and top-line performance. 

Empowering Your Affiliate Managers

Too many Affiliate Managers spend their time engaged with endless admin work creating reports that don't accurately measure what is working or develop the insights necessary to pivot to better options. 

The result is a ton of wasted potential and time—valuable assets that should be focused on securing the competitive advantages your brand needs.

You can help your affiliate managers achieve more by:

  • Empowering your partner management teams to focus on optimizing campaigns and making informed decisions rather than compiling reports that don’t even accurately identify what is working
  • Unleashing the power of state-of-the-art marketing technology (MarTech) to automate core processes and capture the analytic insights needed to sustainably scale success
  • Dedicating the time to hire and train candidates with the skillsets your iGaming organization needs to succeed in the high-stakes modern world of managing publishers.

Use the Right Technologies

Success in iGaming is hinging more and more on employing the right technologies to automate busy work so that your team can help your partners can focus their efforts on optimizing your ad spend. By adopting and implementing the right technology solutions and platforms, your affiliate managers can empower your publishing partners to achieve so much more, which means more revenue for you. 

By improving the caliber of talent you employ, your organization is invigorated to handle more complex operations to pursue more lucrative jackpots and groundbreaking revenues. 

The formula for successfully applying this perspective looks like this: 

Top Talent + Top MarTech Platforms + True LTV Optimization =

Exponential Growth of Long-Term Sustainable Revenues from a Highly Motivated User Base

Top Personality Traits of Affiliate Managers

Hiring the Best

Top iGaming affiliate managers all share some similar personality traits. You want to successfully hire and onboard talent that embody the following qualities:

  • Confidence, Awareness, Motivation to Succeed: Top affiliate managers understand how to apply analytic insights to create a culture of constant improvement and aren’t afraid of experimenting to find the best way to engage your target audiences and pass that information on to your partners.
  • Socially-Focused, Interested in Building Relationships: Top affiliate managers understand how to leverage the potential of their networks to create the best synergies between your organization and the opportunities presented by partners.
  • Natural Leadership Skills: Campaign growth requires intelligent people who are self-determined and driven not to settle but to continuously reach for greater opportunities.
  • Loaded with Soft Skills: Technical prowess is useful, but without the right balance of human intelligence, your affiliate managers will not be able to understand the nuances of the relationships guiding your organization’s success.
  • Passionate About Building the iGaming Industry: At the end of the day, you need to hire people that are truly motivated to help your organization reach the next stage of its development. 

Experiences and Connections

Enhancing the above attributes further are individuals who have experience and success in the iGaming world. It is a significant benefit to work with affiliate managers that already have industry experience complete with contact lists, successful campaign experience, and an understanding of what goes into creating success in this fast-paced industry.

The most attractive affiliate manager candidates already know the key publishers, advertising networks, competing iGaming service providers, and games across the industry, and can build traction and buzz across different user demographic bases. These candidates bring strong analytical and problem-solving skills and have a natural tenacity for deep-diving into internet advertising metrics, the art and science of CRO, and complex financial datasets. 

These same highly qualified folks are naturally agile and flexible when adapting to a fast-paced and ever-changing digital market environment. They have an innate interest in our iGaming industry and the technology driving its success. 

Putting it all Together

iGaming organizations place a lot of faith and trust in their publishers and partners. As a result, it only makes sense to thoroughly vet the folks that manage them and ensure their professional interests and experience match the criteria your organization needs to field the most capable affiliates. 

Be sure to check out our iGaming Affiliate Manager job description template to help you quickly put together an ad (You can download the word doc and readily customize it for your use). 

Once you successfully hire the right candidate, monitor their performance and be quick to let members of your publisher management team that can’t deliver go. This way, your organization is freed to spend valuable time and money hiring and training suitable candidates instead of wasting time working with partners that won’t create the results you need to drive profitability. 

Make this your most successful year yet by invigorating your publishing management teams to continuously scale campaign results. Technology and the right human capital will get you there. 

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