Intelitics Launches Analytics Platform Into Beta at the LAC 2020

With marketing campaign analytics and intelligence for iGaming operators becoming stagnant, operators have lost a way to stand out in the marketplace. Cue Intelitics, a powerful marketing and analytics platform provider set to announce their beta launch at this year's London Affiliate conference.

A recent iGB Affiliate London article highlighted the announcement and planned demo of the welcomed technology. The article outlines how the industry has fundamentally changed from operators being able to leverage basic marketing channels (offline events, organic search, email marketing, etc.) to operators contending with entirely new consumer behaviors. 

Operators now require tools to navigate Paid Social, Programming Display, Native, and numerous biddable media channels to drive acquisitions successfully. 

Intelitics has an incredible 20+ years in player acquisition, and their platform gives operators the modern tools they need to track, analyze, and optimize campaigns. They offer operators, acquisition managers, media buyers, analysts, and executives a way to communicate and operate collectively in real-time and gain holistic insight into true costs vs. player value.

Intelitics real-time marketing technology and analytics platform will give operators and marketers tools to:

  • Streamline, simplify, automate, and expand marketing channels
  • Delivery industry-leading reporting insights on a comprehensive tracking platform
  • Empower data-driven decision to inform media spend and customer acquisition
  • Unlock hidden revenue and boost ROI

Intelitics CEO Allan Stone remarks in the article that after working with various operators worldwide to deliver player acquisition, we constantly ran into the same issues of a lack of technology and data. "We realized we were uniquely bring to market disruptive technology to help our partners grow their businesses...(and become) trusted advisors in an ever-evolving digital landscape".

To learn more, read the full iGB Affiliate London article. 

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